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Business Services

Business Services

Baker Macdonald has intimate relations with many local businesses, having been established in Sevenoaks for many years. We have been a part of the growth and expansion of local business of all sizes and varieties.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, or a private or public limited liability company, the legal obligations you have are ever growing in line with new government legislation. Baker Macdonald have developed to meet these obligations and can assist you throughout your company’s life. Whether you are just starting out in business or wishing to finally leave it all behind you, we can assist you in achieving your goals.


Business transactions are often both exciting and demanding. When starting a business one thing critical to its success is the correct business structure and ensuring that all legal obligations are fulfilled and that regulatory requirements are completed correctly.

Commercial Conveyancing

Whether just incorporated and acquiring your first premises, or doing so well that you require a larger establishment, Baker Macdonald offers competitive prices for a five star service.


Wheeling and dealing is all part of the game of business, but surely you want security in your dealings also. Let us take away the risk, and help secure your profits so that you can continue to flourish


Contracts or no, disputes are a part of business as much as the tax man. Whether it be a petty Bill, or a huge deficit, as our Client your reputation, respectability and profitability are at the heart of our actions. We aim to resolve all disputes without the courts getting involved and are specialists in resolving dispute through all means - correspondence, mediation and arbitration.

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