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Individual Services

Individual Services

Whatever legal assistance you require, Baker Macdonald has been assisting people in all manner of matters and offers a range of Legal Services to cover many eventualities upon which you may need to consult a Solicitor. Our Friendly staff are always willing to discuss a matter with you before you make an informed decision as to what action you wish to take.


Is your Will out of date? Have you yet to make a Will but find it a daunting task? We provide all the advice you need for you to make a Will perfect for your circumstances

Probate & Estates

When the inevitable happens, we can take away the stress for those you leave and ensure your estate is administered in accordance with your wishes.


Used by families for centuries to protect and control assets or provide income for designated beneficiaries. Perhaps the most common are Will Trusts, Discretional Trusts and Charitable Trusts.

Matrimonial and Family

Unfortunately, divorce rates are on the rise and partnerships are prone to breaking down in more recent years. At Baker Macdonald, we take a sympathetic yet practical approach to handling divorces and family disputes.

Residential Conveyancing

Everyone has to live somewhere. We can assist you with buying your first home or moving house. Here at Baker Macdonald we can take the stress away, providing a service that is friendly, efficient and value for money.

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